Scream TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Action Killer Proof Episode
Tyler's murder Piper Shaw 1X01
Nina's texting Piper Shaw 1X01
Nina's murder Piper Shaw 1X01
Daisey's heart package Piper Shaw Piper is targeting her mother and half sister. It was a personal message. 1X01
Brooke's garage scare Possibly Kieran Wilcox It is possible that Kieran was responsible for this scare as he was at the party, at the time of the incident. 1X01
Emma's phone call Ep 1. Piper Shaw It was a personal call for her. 1X01
Rachel's murder Kieran Wilcox In S2, Audrey revealed that during the time of Rachel death, Piper and Audrey were at Crescent Palms Motel, meaning that Piper wasn't her killer. 1X02
Rachel's staged suicide Both It could be agreed that both may have staged her death. 1X02
GIF Piper Shaw or Kieran Wilcox This was a personal attack on the entire school and Lakewood city. Both killers have a reason to state that "Payback is a bitch." 1X02
Emma's alley scare Piper Shaw Piper is at the coffeeshop prior to this scene. 1X02
Emma's phone call Ep 2. Piper Shaw Personal phone call which includes calling her family a fraud and her mother a whore. Something only Piper would say. 1X02
Dara Alden's murder (Flashback) Brandon James (Suspected)/Mystery Killer Flashback Scene. Brandon James is the chief suspect but his innocence is being hinted at. Kevin Duval, Maggie Duval, Troy James and Miguel Acosta are the current suspects as all three were involved with the people killed. 1X03
Brett Keener's murder (Flashback) Brandon James (Suspected)/Mystery Killer Look above. 1X03
Emma's text and call Piper Shaw Personal call and text throughout episode. 1X03
Brooke and Riley's texting Possibly Piper Shaw Piper admitted to killing her friends to make her suffer. She wanted to separate her friends to force her to choose. 1X03
Riley's murder Piper Shaw Piper said she wanted to make Emma suffer by killing her friends. She was also at the scene when the Police arrived to take Riley's body, meaning Kieran must have crashed Tyler's car at the same time as Riley's murder. 1X03
Tyler's car incident Kieran Wilcox Piper was at the police station 1X03
Emma's yearbook package Piper Shaw This was a personal message to Emma. 1X04
Hospital Vandalism Piper Shaw or both While it's possible Piper did this alone, it's more than likely Kieran helped her. This was a personal message to Emma. 1X04
Emma's video exposed A hacking trap set by Piper Shaw but accidentally activated by Noah Foster Piper was with Emma when her first time video is exposed. Noah may have accidentally pressed a button or he pressed something that was tampered with. 1X04
Emma's locker/hallway texting Piper Shaw Personal message to Emma. 1X05
GIF Piper Shaw Personal insult to Emma. 1X05
Emma's crowd scare at wake Piper Shaw Piper wasn't seen anymore after talking to Emma. 1X05
Quinn Maddox's black mailing Jake Fitzgerald aided by Will Belmont We witness this. 1X05
Emma's phone call and murder (Dream) Herself (Dream) We witness this. (Dream) 1X06
Jake's locker burglary Will Belmont We later find that he has the money and video that Jake was holding in the final scene when he returns them to Quinn. 1X06
Will and Piper's attack and Will's kidnapping Kieran Wilcox Piper is a victim in this scene, meaning Kieran was one who did the attack on her and Will. 1X06
"No Cops Emma" sign Piper Shaw She was the only one around to do this. 1X07
Emma's phone call Kieran Wilcox Piper walked out with Emma's friends therefore could not have called Emma. 1X07
Bowling Alley attack TBA TBA 1X07
Will's murder A death trap set by Piper Shaw but accidentally activated by Emma Duval Piper said she wanted to make Emma suffer by killing her friends. 1X07
Brooke's theater attack Piper Shaw 1X08
Evidence Break-In Audrey Jensen (Speculated) In the end of the S1 finale, we learn that Audrey had been pen pals with Piper. We find the same papers from the evidence room. The burglar appears to be filming the break-in which is Audrey's MO. 1X09
Brooke's webcam spy Jake Fitzgerald or Piper Shaw or Kieran Wilcox Jake admits this, although it's implied someone else hacked the webcam before he did. 1X09
Hudson's attack TBA TBA 1X09
Hudson's attack video at dance Kieran Wilcox Piper was at the dance with Emma when the lights went of and the video went up,so there's no way she could have set it up herself. 1X09
Deputy Clifton Robert's murder and Branson's escape Piper Shaw Piper admits that she freed him in order to frame him. 1X09
Hudson's murder A death trap set by Piper Shaw but accidentally activated by Maggie Duval 1X10
Grayson's murder Piper Shaw 1X10
Audrey's attack Piper Shaw 1X10
Brooke's attack Piper Shaw Piper admitted to framing Branson and was there to set him up. 1X10
Emma's landline call at Brooke's Piper Shaw Personal call and was leading her to the final act of the murder spree. 1X10
Attack on Emma and Maggie Piper Shaw We witness this 1X10
Shooting death of Piper Shaw Audrey Jensen and Emma Duval Audrey shot Piper in the shoulder then Emma finished her off by shooting her in the head. 1X10