{{Infobox Character (TV Series)|character name = Quinn Maddox|gender = Male|age = |haircolor = Grey|maritalstatus = Married|occupation(s) = -|nickname = |family = [[Brooke Maddox]] (Daughter)<br /> Monica (Wife)|romances = Monica (Wife)<br />Unnamed Woman (Affair)|friends = |enemies = [[Ghostface (TV Series)|Ghostface]]<br /> [[Will Belmont]]|education = |first appearance = [[Hello, Emma]]|latest appearance = [[Ghosts]]|status = Alive|portrayed by = [[Bryan Batt]]|occupation = Mayor|eyecolor = Brown|last appearance = -}}

{{Cquote|Remember, there is a killer on the loose.}}

'''Mayor Quinn Maddox''' is a recurring character in the television series [[Scream (TV Series)|Scream]].  He is portrayed by Bryan Batt.

== Description ==

Quinn Maddox is the mayor of Lakewood and father of [[Brooke Maddox]].

== Appearances ==

=== [[Season 1]]   ===

* [[Hello, Emma]]

* [[Aftermath]]

* [[Exposed]]

* [[Betrayed]]

* [[In The Trenches]]

* [[Ghosts]]

== Trivia ==

*He owns a couple of Porsche's in his garage.

*He allows his daughter to throw parties at his home.

*He is having an affair with another woman.

== Quotes ==

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